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Health Masters

Health Masters offers interactive, seven week workshops using distance education and social media technologies to help people enhance their mental health and/or overcome a mental illness.

Health Masters is a virtual, facilitated, and interactive workshop carried out during lunch hours in the workplace for seven weeks. Tailored to train participants to improve their mental health, participants gain valuable mental health strategies and skills in a non-judgmental, encouraging, and supportive environment. Minimal work is required on the employer’s part to host a Health Masters’ workshop.

Individual Therapy

If you find yourself stressed or struggling with your mental health or relationships, you can develop skills to overcome these struggles. Health Masters is a program that provides education, training, and support that helps people overcome their mental health struggles and build strong psychological resilience using advanced behavioral science, community engagement, and social media tools. For more information, click here.

Details on How to Implement Health Masters into Your Organization:

  • Recruit Health Masters’ host
  • Host undergoes training
  • Health Masters is promoted and participants register online
  • A private room is secured
  • The first session of Health Masters is carried out
  • Weekly check-ins and activities between participants are carried out via telephone or in-person
  • The remaining seven Health Masters sessions and activities are carried out
  • Participants are sent tips via email by the facilitator
  • Participants have access to a Health Master counselor or their company’s EAP program, which can be integrated into Health Masters.

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