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Anger: Is it constructive or destructive?

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Overcoming Mental Health Struggle

capital-whether a person can overcome a mental health struggle depends on who you ask. Many physicians would say ‘no,’ but there are some who say ‘yes.’ But most professionals, such as psychologist and therapist, as well as alternative medical like naturopathic doctors. would say ‘yes.’

Living in the trenches with people, who are struggling with mental illness, has taught us that most mental health struggles can be overcome. However, for different reasons, not all can overcome those mental health struggle at the time of the treatment. Instead, for those folk, recovery often comes at a later day.


When the first initial bouts of a mental health struggle occur, it’s very painful and shameful. The last thing we want to do is let others in our front row know. So, we learn to suck it up-and keep it bottled in. But. the pain doesn’t go away.

Another common path is to go to your medical doctor, who will most likely recommend meds. These can work for some, but they don’t work for everyone.

Alternatively, for those who can afford it or have a company health benefit. they may have access to a therapist, but often there are not enough sessions and frequency to make a difference in the person’s life.


When hard times in our lives direct our thoughts, emotions, and desires into unhealthy patterns, a mental health struggle begins. Unaddressed, these have a tendency to get worse. But this isn’t the end of the story. Learning how to train the brain to move back into a healthier psychological state is possible, because the brain has neuroplasticity. It is capable of changing, instead of being hard wired, as we once believed.  But the key factor to succeed at overcoming mental health struggles is often dependent upon receiving comprehensive support. One scholar said it this way:

A level 5 problem can only be solved by a level 5 solution

Consider heart disease. Cardiologists have a strict protocol of procedures that a person goes through, which have allowed great breakthroughs in the field. On the other hand, when it comes to mental health, we don’t approach it with the same comprehensive approach. This is in part because the brain is much more complex and relatively unexplored compared to cardiology. Yet, the empirical research coming from the frontiers of Brain Science in the past 15 years indicate that overcoming a mental health struggle is not only possible. It is demonstrated but occurring in small mental health practices all over the world> Unfortunately, for most people, these advanced modalities of treatment are not available due to inaccessibility or lack of finances.


Achieving mental well-being begins with a child-like faith to believe you can. if you’re not able to, you can piggyback on another person’s beliefs, which will eventually evoke you to believing it for yourself. Because of this, it is important to find a deep, engaging relationship, where a high trust quotient is established. This is perhaps the most critical factor in a recovery program.

Believing that you can overcome your mental health struggles if the right treatment is provided can be likened to a child in a third world nation who can avoid preventable diseases if they have access to proper medical care and vaccination. People who are able to gain access to a comprehensive multi strategy treatment program stand a very high chance of overcoming a mental health struggle.