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About the facilitator:

As a teenager, Vic became addicted to pornography. In his 30s, he realized how this addiction had led him to develop only superficial connections, rather than any true, intimate relationships. The negative impacts included effects upon his career, marriage, family, and finances.

Initially, he refused to see his addiction as an addiction. Instead, he attempted to just manage the debilitating effects of his behaviors. His coping strategies proving unsuccessful, broken and desperate, he faced the realization that his addiction would continue to cost and thwart him unless he faced it head on.

His path led him to help that included Judeo Christian spiritual practices along with vulnerability and microscopic honesty within a group of front row relationships. Vic finally broke the hold of his addiction. Although sexual temptations continue to exist, he finds strength to resist from his front row community and through the grace of God.

Vic leads an organization that develops programs to help people overcome mental health struggles and addiction. He believes the advanced neuro, socio, and behavioral sciences are compatible with Judeo Christian principles because they emanate from the same source. Vic continues to lead men’s groups with empathy, compassion and a relentless commitment to walk with every man that crosses his path and desires to overcome sexual addiction.