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MENTAL HEALTH & Its Economic, Societal, and Individual Costs – Part 1

Good mental health refers to a state wherein we are able to fulfill our potential. It exists when we are able to make contributions to our community and our workplace.

Mental Health: What is it?
It has long been recognized that there is a close association between our mental health and our physical health. Achieving good psychological health without good physical health or vice versa can be challenging for any person. Comorbidity, or the co-occurrence of two or more disorders or illnesses, is not uncommon when considering mental health. Poor physical health can be a source of stress that poses a challenge to maintaining our mental health. For example, someone with a chronic physical illness may also experience depression. Poor mental health, on the other hand, can result in behaviors that sacrifice our physical health. Oftentimes, severe psychological and emotional trauma may, along with dysfunctional psycho-behavioral expressions, be manifested in the form of physical diseases such as diabetes or obesity. […]

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Loneliness…The New Epidemic – How It Affects You

In 2017 the United States’ Surgeon General stated that in the 1980s, 20% of U.S. adults reported feeling lonely, a statistic that has soared to 40% today and is creating chronic stress and isolation.

You’re living right smack dab in the middle of a health care revolution and here’s why. The United States’ Surgeon General is a medical professional who has been selected to not only assist in providing advice to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, but also to lead 6,500 public health professionals, who are critical in responding to health care emergencies in the United States. It’s an important position. […]

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